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About Us

Located in Burnaby, BC, Canada, We are a company working hard to provide high
quality auto accessories since 2008.

Coming up with the idea of mounting the license plate on the tow hook attachment point, we did a quick search on the Internet, guess what, similar products existed.  We see room for improvement on this product and then we came up with rho-plate V1.  With our flexible design, you can mount your license plate on multiple locations and have your license plate match up to the curvature of your bumper.

With all the experience and customer feedback, we have developed V2 to improve up V1 and provide a much higher quality product to you.

Now, we are bringing you our latest Ferrari specific design, Grill Mount.  We are confident this will be another high quality product we produce and provide Ferrari owners a good looking, high quality solution on mounting the license plate.